Enterprise Communication

Effective decision-making requires effective communication. DLAS provides a variety of communication services utilizing specialized software and hardware solutions that facilitate one-on-one and group interaction. Whether soliciting input through an online survey, facilitating a small group discussion forum, or scheduling meetings, DLAS has resources to make the connection happen.

We do email, calendars, and messaging

Effectively managing personal schedules is essential in the legislative environment. DLAS has the tools to help manage the myriad of events and meetings while staying in touch with colleagues and constituents. Because our email system is web-based, staff can access their schedules and messages anytime, anywhere, without the need for special software or hardware configurations. Per seat cost and administrative overhead are also significantly reduced.

We do voice

DLAS has experience with VoIP (voice over IP) phone systems, traditional public switched networks, and mobile voice and data services. Voice messages can be directed to and viewed on mobile devices and PC email accounts. VoIP accounts are managed locally and provide a variety of features and capabilities. DLAS has the in-house expertise to procure, install, and configure VoIP and mobile phone services.

We do search

Find what you’re looking for? DLAS uses Google technology to index and make searchable all of Virginia’s legislative information currently on the web. Each page of a DLAS-created website has a search box designed to retrieve selected legislative information in context. Of course, you always have the option to search “all” legislative information or the entire internet.

We collaborate

Many times the General Assembly needs to solicit input from various state agencies, other state governments, or a constituency directly affected by state delivered services or programs. DLAS can set up on-line or email-based discussion forums or facilitate on-line surveys. These tools can enhance the ability to gather information to better understand difficult issues and produce informed decisions.

We deliver

There can never be too many communication options. Face-to-face communication is often impossible with remote workers and distant constituencies. DLAS provides several communication methods to best satisfy specific needs. Need information from hardcopy? Fax. Need a file located on a distant computer? Email with an attachment or share documents using collaborative software. Need to have an ongoing discussion that is self-documenting? Set up an online discussion forum. Need to provide access to a specific class of legislative information? Define a search collection and provide contextual search capabilities. Effective communication? Absolutely.