Legislative Mandate

Since its inception, DLAS has purposefully carried out its mandate to represent the interests of the General Assembly in matters concerning computer technology, legislative information collection and dissemination, and publication production and distribution. By design, DLAS is set up to serve and support the General Assembly, its agencies, and the public where appropriate.

Specific duties identified in the Code of Virginia include the following:

  • operate a data processing center
  • establish and maintain a legislative information system
  • obtain and manage publishing and printing services
  • perform computing and programming services
  • provide technical assistance, and
  • collect fees to offset service and printing cost

The Director is appointed by and subject to General Assembly confirmation, and serves at the pleasure of the Committees on Rules of the House of Delegates and the Senate acting jointly.

The following citations further specify the DLAS legislative mandate

Enabling legislation in the Code of Virginia is Title 30, Chapter 3.2, consisting of the following:

Print production and distribution mandate, as follows:

  • § 30-34.3. Printing of bills, joint resolutions, etc.
  • § 30-34.4. Copies of bills, calendars, etc., to be furnished on application.
  • § 30-34.5. Printing and distribution of Acts of Assembly.
  • § 30-34.6. Printing and distribution of Journals of Senate and House.
  • § 30-34.10. Fees and mailing costs.

Legislative Information System mandate, as follows:

  • § 30-34.10:1. Establishment and maintenance of electronic information system.
  • § 30-34.10:2. Access to Code of Virginia, Virginia Administrative Code, and Virginia Register of Regulations.
  • § 30-34.10:3. Fees.