Budget Amendment System


The Budget Amendment System is the primary tool used by the staffs of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance and Appropriations Committees to craft amendments to Virginia's biennial Budget Bill. The current system was developed in 1995 using Lotus Notes as both the backend database and data entry user interface. During each stage of the budget amendment process, amendments are prepared for internet presentation and inclusion into the printed House and Senate Journal.


Current access to the Budget Amendment System requires a specially configured PC with "fat client" software thereby limiting workplace options and requiring significant administrative and resource commitment. Arcane formatting features, lack of analytical tools, and overly prescriptive data entry rules combine to make for a less than optimal end user experience. While excellent "in its day", today's computing paradigms mandate a move away from the current application to a Web-based and computationally robust solution.


Building on our recent past successes, DLAS will deploy a Web-based solution using the latest application programming techniques and proven end user collaboration methodologies. Tighter integration with the Budget Bill development and enrolling processes has the potential to automate previously hand entered updates and modifications. Progressive internet presentation will make the amendment process more transparent and easier to understand.