Getting Connected

We procure information technology equipment for Legislative agencies

DLAS procures equipment for legislative agency desktops, such as PC's, laptops, software, mobile and VoIP phones. We also buy networking equipment and servers for the General Assembly data center, which we purchase with funds appropriated to DLAS. We manage licenses, upgrades, and warranties. Our goal is getting the right equipment, at the best price, when the legislative agencies need it.

We follow the Commonwealth's guidelines for purchasing equipment. DLAS uses purchasing agreements made by the Commonwealth, and federal government, to leverage purchasing power and use taxpayer dollars more effectively. We place orders, receive and pay for equipment, and bill agencies directly to complete transactions. When necessary, we deliver equipment to the requesting agency. We also offer purchasing advice when legislative agencies want to procure equipment for themselves.

Our role as procurement agent for the general assembly is part of our enabling legislation.

We prepare equipment for use

DLAS installs and configures information technology equipment. We keep equipment up-to-date, and interoperable with legislative systems.

DLAS installs and configures the following desktop items:

  • Desktop hardware and peripheral devices
  • Operating systems, with network interface configuration
  • Email, database and word processing applications
  • Mobile computing devices
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) phones