Legislative Process Support

We notify, facilitate and record

In support of the legislative process, DLAS builds automated systems that notify, facilitate and record the actions of the General Assembly. Our staff, along with staff from the House of Delegates and the Senate, post and verify General Assembly activity using the features of several DLAS systems including the Legislative Information System.

Posted schedules notify the public of the meeting time and location of committees, sub-committees, and special commissions. Agendas and dockets outline and direct meeting content and flow. Votes cast in sub-committee, committee, and on the chamber floor are recorded and posted to reflect the actions of the particular body. Patrons, committee assignments and bill numbers are attached to legislative drafts, released to the internet, and printed. In addition, there are other DLAS systems that support bill drafting, budget and bill amendment processing, and the posting of legislative reports which facilitate the production and evaluation of legislative content.

We automate publications

DLAS creates and maintains document automation systems used by the legislative agencies to produce documents such as House and Senate committee dockets, chairman reports, bill drafts, substitutes, amendments, daily floor calendars, communications, the Acts of Assembly and the Cumulative Index. Document automation systems allow all participants to contribute to the document creation process by coordinating and distributing the workflow. In a given session, the high volume of information processed over a short period of time makes document automation even more vital to the efficient functioning of the General Assembly.