The following list of frequently-asked questions provides details about DLAS services and responsibilities. Click on a question to see the answer, or use the FAQ Quick Links to jump to a specific category.

Data Center and Network Infrastructure

PC/Network Security

Application Programming

Web and Print Design

Print Production and Distribution



  • Who operates and maintains the General Assembly’s high speed printing technology?
  • What is on-demand printing?
  • How has the General Assembly benefited from the use of on-demand print technology?
  • Who can use DLAS in-house printing services?
  • What options are available for publications produced using DLAS in-house printing services?
  • What binding options does the Legislative Bill Room offer for in-house publications?
  • Is color printing available through the Legislative Bill Room?
  • How quickly can the Legislative Bill Room turnaround a print job or just make copies?
  • What does it cost to use the Legislative Bill Room printing services?


Enterprise Communication

Other FAQ's

  • Is there wireless access in the Capitol Square area?
  • What is Live Help?
  • Is training available for the Legislative Information System (LIS)?
  • When can I call the DLAS Help Desk?
  • What is the primary role and function of DLAS?
  • What services does DLAS provide the General Assembly and its agencies?
  • What services does DLAS provide for the public?
  • Who at DLAS do I contact if I have a question or problem?
  • What entity directs and controls the activities and initiatives of DLAS?