Web & Print Design

Web and print design is about effectively communicating information through the strategic use of graphic design and print technology. DLAS brings over 10 years of experience in creating design solutions that build identity, articulate mission and message, and educate readers. Our printing facilities, website hosting technology, and consulting services give the General Assembly and its agencies a comprehensive solution for all of its website and publication needs.

We do websites

DLAS offers website re-design and enhancement services based on current web standards to improve user experience. Websites designed by DLAS feature visually organized information with colorful and professional web graphics. We take our own photos and procure rights to stock photography and graphics, as needed. And since DLAS hosts websites, we take design projects from concept to the web.

We do graphics

DLAS works with legislative agencies to update and develop graphic images such as logos, informational charts and graphs, and message icons. Graphic images can be incorporated into agency “brand identity” and displayed on everything from letterhead and business cards to information brochures and office signs. And since we print on-demand, you won't have a box of outdated business cards when your title or contact information changes.

We do print

Dynamic graphics, succinct writing, and strategic presentation of text determine the impact and readability of print publications. DLAS has the experience and skill to help agencies create effective and eye-catching printed publications. To keep cost and waste down, DLAS utilizes on-demand printing technology to print only the minimum number of copies needed, when needed. Another advantage of using DLAS in-house printing capabilities is that we are able to take print design jobs from concept to final product.

Check out our Print Production and Distribution services section to see our wide range of professional printing options.

We educate

We stay up-to-date with web technologies and printing standards, and we keep the legislative agencies informed of their options. DLAS deploys the latest HTML/CSS coding techniques and offers several content management options to provide agencies control of website content. Search appliance technology is available to let users find exactly what they need and DLAS can even set up and design social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to target an audience by “narrowcasting” the message.

We collaborate

Because DLAS focuses exclusively on the legislative process, we can collaborate to create solutions that produce meaningful results. Our shared experience means we understand the needs and expectations in the legislative environment. Depending on the project, our interaction can range from a little to a lot, from simply creating graphics for a publication cover to reworking a website or publication layout and design.

We deliver

Technology makes it easy to reach an audience, but more often than not, the message is lost in a sea of information. DLAS can help create meaningful content that preserves the message and educates readers. Using professional graphic design and modern print technology, DLAS designs and delivers web and print products that reflect the high quality and valuable work produced by the General Assembly and its staff.