Print Production and Distribution

The work of the General Assembly is ultimately communicated in print whether it is proposed in a bill or preserved in the bound Journals of the House and Senate. DLAS ensures that mandated legislative publications are produced and distributed in quantities adequate for public dissemination and historical preservation. DLAS may contract with private vendors for high-volume quick-turnaround jobs or utilize in-house on-demand printing technology for smaller custom orders. The Legislative Bill Room is located on the first floor of the “Broad Street Deck” near the 9th and Broad Street exit.

We print on-demand

DLAS utilizes high-speed on-demand print technology to save time and money. Need a copy of a bill or resolution? DLAS can print only the amount needed to fill each order. No more reordering bills and resolutions in increments of 200, only the amount needed is printed. No need to maintain an inventory of reports and bills. All can be printed on-demand. Most legislative publications are also available on the internet.

We print in-house

Limited production runs can be costly. DLAS in-house printing services make publications for limited distribution more affordable and always accessible for future print editions. Several binding options are also available as well as spot or full color printing.

We contract print

Contract printing is utilized by the General Assembly for high volume, quick turnaround jobs such as the bills and resolutions, and House and Senate floor calendars. Local print contractors provide an invaluable service to the General Assembly, getting bills and resolutions written today in your hands tomorrow.

We ship and deliver

The Legislative Bill Room, operated by DLAS, is the General Assembly’s primary shipping, receiving and distribution center for legislative publications. During the legislative session, printed copies of all bills, resolutions, and calendars are distributed for public access and to subscription boxes. Bound publications such as the Acts of Assembly, the House and Senate Journals, and enrolled bills are shipped to Virginia universities, local libraries, and certain state government agencies.

We educate and collaborate

The DLAS print production team can advise on industry best practices when compiling and reproducing print products. We have experts who understand the costs and benefits of the various binding options, color and black and white print settings, and available paper stocks. If you are looking to economize, DLAS can direct you to the most cost-effective options for your publication. We do on-the-spot cost estimates based on a cost recovery model that is both fair and understandable.