About Us

The Division of Legislative Automated Systems (DLAS) is the Virginia General Assembly's information technology agency. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to facilitate and support the legislative process through the effective use of technology and collaborative partnerships. Our goal is not only to serve but to add value by making the legislative process a more efficient and cost-effective enterprise.

Making IT work right

Implementing information technology is a business decision, and at DLAS we strive to help the legislature work more efficiently and effectively. Our small group of talented and dedicated staff have developed in-house systems saving the Commonwealth money and helping DLAS maintain a level-funded operating budget over the past twenty years. We consider the effective stewardship of the Commonwealth's financial resources to be one of our greatest responsibilities. We at DLAS pride ourselves on delivering on-time and under-budget to the financial benefit of the Commonwealth.

Technology leadership

DLAS strives to be technology leaders in state government, experimenting and implementing, where appropriate, the latest system development tools, hardware solutions, and communication portals. We work towards web-enabling our applications to allow our customers in the legislative agencies to work anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected PC. We research cloud-computing technologies with an eye toward saving money and dramatically reducing administrative overhead. And while we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies, our dedication to service and our demand for excellence and quality has remained constant.

DLAS systems support the legislative process

DLAS develops, maintains, and supports systems to inject transparency and clarity into the legislative process. In doing so, we hope to keep the public engaged and informed on legislative activity. In conjunction with the House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia, DLAS has helped implement automated voting systems and live video feeds of General Assembly floor sessions streamed via the internet. DLAS systems also serve as an information conduit between the legislative and executive branches of our government.

Technology is just a tool, but potentially a powerful one

Advances in technology have made it possible for people to share information and collaborate like never before. Through our partnerships, we can harness the power of technology to serve the needs of the General Assembly. DLAS strives to empower Virginia's legislative agencies by serving as a trusted consultant and applying technology to solve unique problems. Our systematic approach to legislative information and partnership with legislative agencies has produced results for over thirty years.