Security Guidance

Keeping your workstation secure

Follow these best practices to keep your workstation secure:

  • When working from the docking station, keep your laptop physically secure with an anti-theft cable lock.
  • Lock your computer when you leave your workstation unattended. Press ctrl-alt-del, and select Lock Computer. When you get back to your workstation, log back in to restore your session where you left it.
  • If you don't shut down your laptop every night, be sure to at least lock the computer.
  • Change your Windows password periodically. Press ctrl-alt-del, and select Change Password.

Safe web browsing

Download and install malwarebytes. Malware, spyware, and other malicious code hurts system performance. Go to the malwarebytes website to download a free version of the anti-malware software.

Downloading email attachments

  • Do not open email attachments from unknown senders, especially zips and exes.
  • After downloading an email attachment, perform a virus scan on the downloaded file.
  • To scan a file for viruses, right-click on the file in Windows Explorer, and select Scan for Viruses.

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