Application Programming

DLAS creates and maintains custom software applications to meet the core business needs of the General Assembly. In-house programmers deploy web-enabled applications, integrate systems, and upgrade legacy applications using the latest technologies. The General Assembly depends on these applications to manage the detailed requirements of the legislative process and serve the citizens of Virginia by making legislative information available on the web.

We create applications

DLAS created and currently maintains the Legislative Information System (LIS), a real-time legislative process tracking system mandated by the General Assembly. From this solid foundation, we continue to improve legislative information workflows. With the Bill Drafting System, General Assembly members submit electronic bill requests and view the progress of their draft in real-time. The Division of Legislative Services uses the system to drive and manage the process of drafting, editing, and proofing legislative drafts. Our Budget Bill System and Regulation Information System enable collaboration between the executive and legislative branches of the Commonwealth's government.

We collaborate

Our small team of professional programmers collaborate closely with users, keeping communication lines open throughout the development process. We rely on a product owner, or sponsor, who is a leader from the client, to operate in an advisory and support capacity. Product owners work in conjunction with the development team throughout the project to set priorities and business rules. Rather than a wide demographic of users, we collaborate with specific sponsors representing the user community.

We have a method

We promote code reuse with modular rapid application development techniques, and we accept change as a natural part of the software development process. By this same principle, we don't roll out an application and walk out the door - the close collaboration with our customers continues. We have a proven track record of fine-tuning our applications based on customer input and delivering system modifications quickly. With this agile approach to application development, we maximize resources, save time, and save money.

We deliver

Our knowledge and experience with the legislative process has imparted the confidence to make strategic technology decisions, like choosing the tools and technologies that strike the right balance between flexibility and stability. The thin client, browser-based applications we deliver have a single install point, so changes can be rolled out instantly. With an application architecture consisting of a data layer, business layer, and a presentation layer, we can modify one component with relatively little disruption to other pieces in the system. We also develop and support traditional desktop applications, rounding out our comprehensive offerings. The end result is that the products we deliver work the way the General Assembly needs them to work.