Regulation Infomation System 2.0


The Regulation Information System (RIS) 2.0 is a re-write of the Regulation Information System, which allows state agencies to create, edit, or repeal administrative code sections for which they are responsible. The system shares data with the Department of Planning and Budget's Town Hall system, and allows proposed changes to be submitted to the Registrar's Office for inclusion in the bi-weekly Register publication. The system creates the bi-weekly Register of Regulations publication that notifies the public of intended regulatory actions, and updates the online Virginia Administrative Code with changes that have become effective. The system relies on web services and integrations with the Law Portal and Register Portal websites.


The existing Regulation Information System requires state agencies promulgating regulations to use Internet Explorer with a special configuration. Regulations are drafted using Microsoft Word, creating versioning issues over time. The data transfer from Town Hall is incomplete, leaving much manual work for the Registrar's Office to produce the Register. RIS relies on a legacy COBOL application and DB2 database, technologies that are not readily supported by current staff. Existing RIS also includes a Lotus Notes application, and DLAS is committed to retiring the Notes application development platform.


RIS 2.0 will be upgraded using current application development and web design standards. The focus of the upgrade is to streamline the regulation promulgation processes, simplify data input, and modernize the web application design. The new system will work across all current browsers and will replace Word with html editors. The time and effort required to create the Register of Regulations will be greatly reduced. The historical information that the Registrar's Office is charged with archiving will be migrated to the new system and be available for reporting and searching by the Registrar's Office.